Our Services

Our commitment to you

When you use DBS Cymru as your Umbrella Body, you will be assured of a dedicated, professional service at all times. To save time and costs to you, we have the tacit agreement of the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) who will accept applications from individuals having had their identities checked and confirmed by a responsible person in the employing organisation. This means they will not have to meet us in person and will not have to send any valuable documents through the post. We merely require the responsible person to have signed a Statement of Valid Identity Check that accompanies each application. Everything is done remotely.

The only exception will be when an applicant does not have an employer. In these situations, we will arrange to meet the applicant to check identity; either at our offices or in a convenient external location.

At the same time as we send you the DBS application forms, you will also get e-copies of how the process works, a copy of our Service Agreement, a Guide to Completing the DBS Application Form and advice on what to look for when Checking an Applicant's Identity.

Wherever it is practicable to do so and where you may have a large number of applications to be processed, we may even arrange to visit to talk through the process with you.

Throughout the process, we will offer any advice or support you might need. We will pursue applications that we regard as being unreasonably delayed at the DBS, and will keep you informed of progress. Periodically, we will publish e-bulletins informing of any changes and developments to the DBS service.

Service Assurance

Our commitment to you is that we will at all times offer a professional and confidential service.

We will thoroughly check each application. Our aim is to counter-sign and forward applications to the DBS, provided that they are completed correctly and you have assured us that the worker's identity has been checked, within one working day of us receiving them.

We assure our customers we will treat all data and information received and handled in the strictest confidence, and that all information received and retained in connection with DBS Checks complies with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018.

  • housing associations
  • fostering agencies
  • care providers
  • education establishments
  • maintenance contractors
  • film companies
  • independent language translators